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Sky-Catcher Backstage, 2008
The Sky-Catcher wallpaper poster (right image) designed by Jonathan Puckey and Luna Maurer was used as a starting point in the conceptualisation of the adapted version (further right image). Sky-Catcher is a project by Luna Maurer which gives access to an online archive of photographs of the sky above Amsterdam. The photographs were taken with a camera positioned on the roof of a building in the center of Amsterdam (De Balie) facing East. The poster is a visualization of a year's cycle taken between Sept 2005 and Sept 2006, the grey blocks represent the systematic errors or glitches that occurred during the process. Our adaptation is an inverted visualisation of the Sky-Catcher wallpaper poster. We uncovered the grey blocks through constructing a narrative of the lives and events of imaginary characters somehow associated with this project. By documenting the fictional glitches they became the traces of the non-existent.
In collaboration with Julien Arts
Close-up detail