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CopyClash Magazine, 2010
Designed under IXISUS, a collaboration with Tim Braakman
This free publication was a mobile extension of the exhibition CopyClash curated by Trailer. The show investigated various aspects of intellectual property in contemporary society and maintains that our cultural innovation has always been guaranteed by building upon the works and ideas of others. Many works, especially in our digital era, are being barricaded by copyrights or other forms of intellectual property laws. This endangers the nature of our cultural innovative ecosystem by eroding the cultural soil, essential for the growth of new cultures.

The works in CopyClash and the corresponding magazine shows how cultural innovation is held back by the clashing borders of today’s intellectual property, copyright, originality, authenticity and plagiarism. In order to protect our cultural richness we are in need of new approaches that create a better balance between the availability of cultural goods and the reward or protection of it's authors. IXISUS tried to reflect these issues in the design of this magazine. This work was also shown at the Certified Copy exhibition in the Verbeke Foundation, Belgium.