"playfulness, cleverness, and exploration. Thus, hacking means exploring the limits of what is possible, in a spirit of playful cleverness. Activities that display playful cleverness have "hack value". - Richard Stallman
IKEA HACKING -------------
wiki leaks project -------------
------ Guerilla Gardening
------ Trojan horse
STRATEGY: is a plan made by those who have the power to predict and change the lived landscape

TACTIC: “operates in isolated actions, blow by blow. It takes advantage of 'opportunities’ and depends on them. In short, the tactic is the art of the weak.

Taken from The Practice of Everyday life by Michel de Certeau
------- Detournemont. re-arranging of popular sign-systems in order to produce new meanings. comic strip thought bubble.Adbusters, culture jamming
------- Derive. meandering walk determined by one's desire--> resist the work and control oriented design of Paris's urban planning.
Bubble by Ji Lee
On definition of 'intervention' in an artistic sense : creative disruption of everyday life.
-- Creating discord, glitches, irregularity to reveal and expose the structure of the system.
-- A point of intervention is a physical or conceptual place within a system where pressure can be put to disrupt its smooth functioning and push for change.
-- Interventions project are made to operate within various systems of power, using techniques of art/design to maneuver within it.

--> Yes men: new york times project
--> Iepe Rubingh: painting reality , The Joker Performance .
--> Unpleasant Design Competition: Interventions in urban unpleasantness
--> Design Research Blog
--> The Artvertiser
What is 'squatting'?
occupying abandoned spaces?

TAZ. temporary autonomous zone,
---> temporarily taking over a physical/ conceptual space within system.
reclaiming private to public:
fat lab
reclaim the streets movement
critical mass
* Research the location of Heijplaat as an environment (place, history, context) and also as a phenomenon (Temporary Autonomous Zone: squatting, hacking, intervention) by thoroughly observing, registering and extensively collecting material (video, photo, writing, audio recordings) that you come across and are of interest to you.

Reading material
Part 3: T.A.Z. The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism. By Hakim Bey (read Pirate Utopias - Ratholes in the Babylon of Information)

Part 3: T.A.Z. De Tijdelijke Autonome Zone (TAZ). By Hakim Bey (lezen PIRATENUTOPIA'S - HAMSTERPLAATSEN IN HET INFORMATIE-BABYLON)


Full book in English:
(T.A.Z.) and more texts by Hakim Bey
------ Open Access Manifesto by Aaron Swartz
Les 01
Les 02
Les 03
Les 04
Les 05
Les 06
Les 07
Les 08
Les 09
Les 10
* In groups of 3-4, share and discuss your findings/collected material about Heijplaats as a environment / and also as a temporary autonomous zone: squat, intervention, hack.

* Present research on squat/taz.


Image: Occupy gezi, Istanbul 2013
Source: occupygezipics.tumblr.com

* In groups, 'hack' copyrighted material such as image/text/video/music/design/inventions/ideas(intellectual property), etc and remix/modify/re-purpose/leak/share/distribute into another expression. (BE CREATIVE! Think of video, animation, photography, t-shirts, objects, inventions, text, software, interface, advertising, etc )

* Present result in class next lesson.


A Fair(y) Use Tale
Oliver Laric's versions2012
Oliver Laric's vvversions
Allergy to Originality

Embrace the Remix by Kirby Ferguson
RIP remix movie trailer
RIP: A Remix Manifesto
Sonic Outlaws

Making high fashion open source
Open source undies

Free Magenta

more stuff to watch:

Write an annotation (descriptive and critical text) of min. 500 words summarizing main points of that define TAZ for Lesson 03.
LES 03: TAZ discussion and copyright hack assignments
* In groups of 3-4, students presented their copyright hack assignments

* We then proceeded to discuss the findings of the TAZ


Homework for next lesson: The practice of TAZ. Due 29th Oct

The next step is to treat your annotation as a 'source code'. By that, I mean a kind of blue print in which you can use to instruct how to develop further. Take ideas and thoughts from your annotation and find another expression that conceptual suits the content of your 'source-code'. Practically, it is up to you to chose the most relevant and meaningful form, e.g short film(s), photographic series, documentaries, choreographed 'happenings', performances, interventions, products, printed material: posters/publications/books/pamphlets, etc.

The aim of assignment is to connect (i.e. translate, continue developing, or re-tell the narrative/ideas in a different way) your research and reading skills to 'doing' and practical skills.

LES 04: Individual tutorials on the practice of TAZ and feedback on annotations.
Class 1. 13:00-14:50
(5 minutes per student)

1)Solange Frankort
2)Arantxa Gonlag
3)Merel Kemp
4)Lars Korendijk
5)Emily Ijzerman
6)Bas Janssen
7)Bjorn van den Hout
8)Frank Jockin
9)Guido Jeurissen
10)Vincent van der Burg
11)Gertjan van den Berg
12)Mo Agca
13)Nadja Geskus
14)Sylvána van der Pluijm

Class 2. 15:20-17:00
(5 minutes per student)

1)Edward van Dongen
2)Marilou Klapwijk
3)Silvie Konings
4)Levi Verspeek
5)Jeroen Giessenburg
6)Tim Verhallen
7)Marissa Splinter
8)Dikkie Baan
9)Eva Martinez Rey
Mentioned in Individual talks

Arantxa. visible/invisible
*Chris Marker

Bjorn. Building TAZ with lego.
*Free universal construction kit

Frank. Alternative "WEB's"
*Bubble Project by Ji Lee

Nadia and Sylvana. Appropriation of earthling objects by Intelligent Aliens.
Speculative futures:
* Dunne & Raby, Between reality and the impossible: Foragers (2010)
* Satin Bowerbirds building nests from blue scraps
* Instructables

* Exhibition, "For security reasons"

Marilou. Different levels of consciousness, between dimensions
* Waking Life

* Dennis de Bels "our environment..."
* The Most Useless Machine EVER!
* Auto-destructive art

Marvin. In the 60's and 70's, artists explored perception through interactive video installations and technological mediation.
* Dan Graham. Present Continuous Past(s) . Here's some video documentation
* Bruce Nauman. Live-Taped Video Corridor(s) .


Helpful references
General links

Hybrid realities/augmented realities, altered states of consciousness.
*Way of the dream with Jungian psychologist, Marie-Louise von Franz

Advertising. Improved Reality/Augmented Reality.
*The Artvertiser by Julien Oliver, inspired by the film “They Live” by John Carpenter.
* The century of the self. A documentary by Adam Curtis about psychoanalysis, propaganda and the roots of modern public relations.

Hacking surveillance cameras.
* Faceless the Film by Manu Luksch. and the background
* This film was made under the Manifesto for CCTV Filmmakers

Dutch artist Desiree Palmen

hacking public space
Dutch artist Harmen de hoop

modern nomad

scanner hacked to play fur elise


media hacktivism

biohacking manifesto.

Guerilla Open Access Manifesto by Aaron Swartz

object hacking, autonomy

self education
LES 05: Concepts and politics of current and historical parties/festivals.
* In this class, I would like to explore the nature of escapism, but also how it can be instrumentalized as an artistic/political tactic.

* Examples:
reclaim the streets parties in the nineties
occupy gezi park
critical mass
examples from the TAZ book.

* can you think of more parties/festivals?


Practical Research methods: Concepts and politics of parties

Go to a party, or research a historical party/festival/gathering and ask:

What is the party/festival/gathering about?
What is the function of the a party/festival/gathering?
Can you think of other functions?
How are party/festival/gathering organised?
What are the politics behind it?
Do they have an ideology?
What is their vision?
Did it achieve what it wanted?
Did it achieve something else than they intended?

"Let us admit that we have attended parties where for one brief night a republic of gratified desires was attained. Shall we not confess that the politics of that night have more reality and force for us than those of, say, the entire U.S. Government? Some of the "parties" we've mentioned lasted for two or three years. Is this something worth imagining, worth fighting for? Let us study invisibility, webworking, psychic nomadism--and who knows what we might attain?" - TAZ
The essence of the party: face-to-face, a group of humans synergize their efforts to realize mutual desires, whether for good food and cheer, dance, conversation, the arts of life; perhaps even for erotic pleasure, or to create a communal artwork, or to attain the very transport of bliss-- in short, a "union of egoists" (as Stirner put it) in its simplest form--or else, in Kropotkin's terms, a basic biological drive to "mutual aid." (Here we should also mention Bataille's "economy of excess" and his theory of potlatch culture.)
The ancient concepts of jubilee and saturnalia originate in an intuition that certain events lie outside the scope of "profane time," the measuring-rod of the State and of History. These holidays literally occupied gaps in the calendar--intercalary intervals. By the Middle Ages, nearly a third of the year was given over to holidays. Perhaps the riots against calendar reform had less to do with the "eleven lost days" than with a sense that imperial science was conspiring to close up these gaps in the calendar where the people's freedoms had accumulated--a coup d'etat, a mapping of the year, a seizure of time itself, turning the organic cosmos into a clockwork universe. The death of the festival.
Leisure, social contact, union
Escapism. Outside of secular time: saw it as "inserted time" where freedom could exist outside of clock work.
Politics of desire
'The Reclaim the Streets model of militant carnivals radiated out from London, and the “organized coincidences” of Critical Mass bicycle rides provided a working model of celebratory, self-organizing, swarm-like protest.' Beautiful trouble. A tool box for revolution. pg 2

Group One: collective ideas

* Fluxus: performance during concerts. to show daily/ idea that everything can be art. against traditional thinking. artists were living sculptures.

* Situationalists: punk concerts of sex pistols. against mass consumption/authority/past traditions

* Carnival: Catholic, practiced in southern parts of Holland. Celebration of coming together. religious festival with lots of underlying history/morals/ideology.

* New years eve: making resolutions to improve life. Babylonians promised to return old things. starting afresh --> towards a better life.

* La Tomtina: Spanish tomato throwing festival. celebrating good/new harvest.

* Potlatch: an opulent ceremonial feast among North American Indian peoples of Northwest coast, at which possessions are given away or destroyed to display wealth or enhance prestige. Potlatching was made illegal in Canada in 1884 in an amendment to the Indian Act and the United States in the late 19th century, largely at the urging of missionaries and government agents who considered it "a worse than useless custom" that was seen as wasteful, unproductive, and contrary to civilized values.


Group Two: collective ideas

* Bring your own beamer (byob). Rdam version.
Coming together to share common interests. sharing ideas/work. open concept /open call for experimental and prototypical work. unexpected mixing of artists from different backgrounds.
Vision: curiosity from both makers and visitors.

* Happenings: art interventions

* Project X. Spontaneous, surprise party via social network information.
Tools for self-education.
Click image to download pdf
Click to download pdf
LES 06: Festivals
Group critique
LES 07: Guest Teacher, Darija Medic
LES 08: Tutorial Sessions
Rooster Roster
(20 minutes per student)

0)12:30 - 13:00: Lawrence & Guido
1)13:00 - 13:20: Dikkie
2)13:20 - 13:40: Lars Korendijk
3)13:40 - 14:00: Tim Verhallen
4)14:00 - 14:20: Lars Wartenbergh
5)14:20 - 14:40
6)14:40 - 15:00
7)15:00 - 15:20
8)15:20 - 15:40
9)15:40 - 16:00: Lisa
10)16:00 - 16:20: Emily
11)16:20 - 16:40: Edward

Useful links from Darija

the Less EMF promotion video: https://vimeo.com/69310675

This was a part of The South collection that was applied to a Bulgarian monument that I forgot to play yesterday, but it makes the audio tour concept more clear https://vimeo.com/39208650

and if you get into reading on the magical concepts of technology, my thesis is at http://pzwart3.wdka.hro.nl/mediawiki/images/0/04/Darija_medic_thesis.pdf

Transmitting is a two way channel http://www.transmitting-is-a-two-way-channel.com/index.html

Close up and blow up exhibition http://www.msuv.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1021%3Aclose-upablow-up-re-konstrukcija-fotografske-slike&catid=51%3Aizlobe-2013&Itemid=9&lang=en

Come out of the attic show, as an ad hoc format show

Then projects from other people

Blind carbon copy: work on circumventing copyright http://stdin.fr/Works/BCC

Hacking in entrepreneurship- Water wheel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABJ41yVClvs

zina nicole lahr: http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2013/12/creative-compulsive-disorder-remembering-zina-nicole-lahr/

chakramat and insert coin (his other work is also interesting): http://www.yugo.at/processing/?what=chakramat

Bilboard liberation front http://www.flickr.com/photos/24301298@N08/4677670932/in/photostream/

System hack, a very interesting exhibition collecting classic hacks http://www.scribd.com/doc/19371991/Systemhack

Maker culture http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maker_culture

Buzzfeed, a classical neoliberal corporation, capitalizing on quick flashy viral content and the same maker culture http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/01/09/idUS343374671120120109


On this link you can find most of the hackerspaces throughout the globehttp://hackerspaces.org/wiki/
The Art of Rent by David Harvey
Protocol by Alexander R. Galloway