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Mood Radar, 2012
Graduation Project, Networked Media Masters, Piet Zwart Institute.
Mood Radar is a personal weather forecasting system based on your mood presence. On the opening night, visitors received a personal reading in a semi-autonomous space resembling both weather station and gypsy caravan that was parked outside of TENT on the Witte de Withstraat. Inside the Mood Radar lab-caravan a divining rod specially designed using a para-rational approach measured the body’s unconscious movements and bio-electric signals to draw up a map of the visitors mood. Acting as a personal weather forecast chart, a map generated by the reading revealed how one would experience the weather for the next day. Afterwards, they got the chance to become a weather reporter and present it using the same blue-screen technique as on television. By reversing the common sense statement ‘the weather affects your mood’ to ‘your mood affects the weather’, I flipped the linear understanding of causality, of subject and object, in an attempt to offer a space to contemplate upon causal factors that do not necessarily subscribe to a scientific paradigm. This work aimed to question how information is inquired in the face of uncertainty; problematising the rational/irrational dichotomy by straddling it. It also tried to playfully rethink the idea of uncertainty as a negative event while metaphorically alluding to discourse regimes which shape reality. Ultimately the aim of this body of research was to create a space that fostered a convergence of various sources of knowledge to deal with complex multiple realities.

.....Ironically, due to the formidable weather conditions, Mood Radar was relocated inside to V2_ after one week.